What makes a luxury hotel different in Bangkok ?

By definition, in the hospitality industry, luxury hotels in Bangkok are supposed to be luxurious, which means they should be extremely comfortable, elegant and enjoyable, especially in ways that can be very expensive. There are definitely elements of self-indulgence and sensuous pleasure involved.

Luxurious hotel

The fundamental characteristics and features, the common denominators:

  • 1. Very slick and discreet booking, and upgraded checking in and out processes.
  • 2. The accommodation offered is exactly what the guest wanted, especially in terms of security, privacy, quietness, the view, fresh air accessibility, unmatched comfort, designer interior styling and furnishings, and state-of-the-art technology.
  • 3. All aspects of all staff service should be beyond reproach.
  • 4. Outstanding dining with perhaps even Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants, and superb twenty-four-hour room service.
  • 5. Extensive first-class amenities and facilities, including spas, swimming pools, twenty-four-hour fitness centre/health club with personal trainers, room butlers, unpacking and packing services, babysitting, petsitting, dog-walking and an all-knowledgeable concierge.

In general, every facet of the hotel in Bangkok should ooze opulence, sumptuousness, affluence and exclusivity, to provide an extraordinary guest experience, ranging from being picked up from the airport in a Rolls-Royce (The Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel) to original art on the walls and pillow menus.

The differences in luxury hotels in Bangkok

In Bangkok, only a five star accredited establishment, including smaller boutique hotels, can claim to be a luxury hotel, but what sets apart the most celebrated 'best hotels in the world' from their peers? What are the x-factors, the 'je ne sais quoi', and the inexplicable intangible qualities that they possess which evoke such very special ambiences and emotions, making them so unique and sought-after? Most often, it is the spectacular and fascinating location, the conducive climate and compelling surroundings that make all the difference. Every top-ranked luxury hotel in the world relies primarily on three essential ingredients - location, location and location!

Here the Most popular 5 star hotels in Bangkok